Hammerhead SharkPhoto Credit: (Rick White)

"Iceland to day." by BjorkGubrandsdttir (
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Ugh… my heart. The ultimate rod. Thomas and Thomas “The Light”
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Still waiting on my 0wt fly rod… seriously can’t wait to tangle with a few of these with it.

valley to myself, didn’t see a person all day. 

Alot of folks were asking about the camera equipment & settings I use for some of the night photos we shot while in Alberta.
This photo was taken At spirit island on maligne lake a couple hours before the moon rose. I shot this with a @SONY a7s which is built for low light and higher ISO scenarios. In some ways a perfect camera for shooting late into the evenings. I used a Rokinon 24mm F1.4 lens… This lens gives me a ton of light with the super wide open apertures. It’s a bit heavy which is also nice for keeping a small tripod stable . I tend to prefer a more standard wide angle rather than ultra wide so the horizon doesn’t now now and the perspective stays more natural.
I shot this with a 30 second exposure which is is just on the edge of giving the stars some blur. Typically 15-25 is the best range for capturing tack sharp star trails. But I like a Lower ISO with a longer shutter the end the slight star movement doesn’t bother me.
SONY A7s - 30sec at F2 ISO 1000
Lastly I used Long Exposure Noise Reduction in camera to help smooth out any noise, I tend to use a IR remote / cable release or 2second trigger to create less movement. My tripod was a Slick 645. ✌️@travelalberta  (at night exposure camera settings)